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about njdeco stone        Nanjing Deco Stone is based in Pebble Town, Liuhe, Nanjing, China with years of business experience in handling and customization of pebble stone, especially natural Chinese Rain-Flower pebbles. Rain Flower Stone contains quartz, jade, and opal etc, originated from Nanjing Liuhe district, the most famous source for Chinese pebbles.
  Using natural pebbles has become a common trend and people love sprucing up their homes with these wonderful elements. You can easily spot these in gardens and indoor areas, where they are used extensively owing to their natural appearance and timeless charm.
   Over the years we’ve added a full line of decorative pebbles, pebble tiles, decorative glass products to round out our deco stone collection, giving you a vendor you can rely on and truely trust to satisfaction of your deco stone needs.
  Whether you're an interior designer, architect, florist, visual merchandising specialist or simply someone searching for unique, decorative stones for your home or business, you'll discover the finest products at Nanjing Deco Stone.
       90% of our outputs are for direct export. Real quality and professional service with efficiency distinguish us clearly from others and enable us to going further and getting stronger each day.
       Action speaks louder than words. Contact us now and start to experience the products & service of Nanjing Deco Stone!
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